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Our Story:

We built a tiny house with no prior building experience around 2016. After living in it for a few years we moved back to the city. Having no furniture but tools from the building project I started to build furniture for us in our apartment garage.

Pretty soon my neighbors were curious as to what was going on, and they were very excited! I ended up making them different items, and the business continued on from there. From ambulance cabinets, fine dressers and nightstands, all the way to solid oak bathroom stools -- It has been quite a journey. God has blessed me with tools and time, so I might as well do something with the two. I do all of the woodwork, and my wife does all the photography (I really appreciate the great work she does). 

I was a full-time paramedic for 5 years and loved it. At the end of 2021 I was faced with mandated medical decisions at my place of employment. I left and now am doing wood working full time, and volunteering at our local ambulance. God is faithful.

I enjoy woodworking, but at the end of the day the only woodwork with eternal significance is the Cross of Christ. I give all glory to my Creator and God Jesus Christ the Savior of my soul.